How much does it cost to participate in the Great Start Initiative?


It does not cost you or your members a single dime to participate in the Great Start initiative. The financial empowerment course, the mentoring and the fund raising are all free of any charge to you and your members.


What does the Great Start Initiative offer to my members and to my ministry?


The Great Start Initiative offers your young adult members

  • A financial empowerment course that will give them a great start in building financially secure futures

  • Mentorship in a process called Vision Mapping which will teach them how to obtain their life goals

  • Fund raising that can contribute to your members’ educational expenses as well as your ministries


What happens after I contact you?


First, we will answer any and all questions that you may have.


Next, we will give you (and/or your designees) free samples of the Vision Mapping format and the financial empowerment course. We do this so that you can personally see the benefits and have first hand testimonials.


Our strategy is to train mentors in your church who can guide others to get free of debt and build bight financially secure futures.


After you are fully confident in the effectiveness of the course, we then present your testimonials to your church so that they can see the benefits as well.


Together we will start an enrollment drive so that your members can start receiving mentoring in the debt reduction and wealth building process.


Is the Great Start Initiative an effective fund raising tool?


Yes, because it can potentially bring in thousands of dollars to your ministry without costing you or your members a single dime.


Please see the 4 minute video on the Home Page.


What’s in this for you?


I want to be up front and tell you that I make a profit from the sale of each course. I also want to point out that I share that profit with you and your members.


My personal vision is to offer this course nationwide.


I realize that if I am to reach my goal, I must help others achieve their goals.


My strategy is to create win/win relationships that benefit all that participate.


You win because you will have access to donations to help grow your ministry. And, you will have members that are better positioned financially to contribute tithes and offerings to your church.


Your members win because they will learn how to get free of their debt thus saving themselves thousands of dollars in interest and burdensome debt payments. They will also learn how to build a bright and financially secure futures.


They will have a legacy of financial knowledge that they can pass to their children.

I win because I will have strong partners to help me reach my goals.



If we choose not to use the fund raising tool do we still receive the financial empowerment course and the mentorship free of charge?


Absolutely! There is no cost to enroll your church into the Vision Builders program.


Do you handle my members money?


No, I do not invest your members’ money at any time. I also want to point out that I do not give investment advice and I never handle your members’ money.


My goal is to provide your members with a solid financial education. They will learn how to choose prudent conservative investments.


They will also be informed clients should they choose to hire a financial planner. They will be able to recognize when they are getting good advice and more importantly they will be able to recognize when a financial planner is giving them bad advice. This is the key to building a secure future.


What if we already offer financial classes at my church?


Because our course is so comprehensive it is very likely that it will complement and even build upon your classes. I recommend that you examine the course and then decide if it complements your financial classes.




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