The Program Is Presented In Plain Language That Is Very Easy To Understand For Those Who Do Not Have A Background In Finance. In fact, the feedback that we have been getting is that it is fun! We worked very hard to make it easy and fun because we know that if the program is fun people will tend to apply the valuable lessons. This program takes them by the hand and guides them through a three-step process that will restore their finances back to perfect health. Step 1: Rapid Debt Elimination In this part of the program, your members will be guided through a step-by-step process that will permanently eliminate their debts in the quickest time possible. It will spare them from years and in many cases decades of unwanted debt payments. It will put thousands of dollars that would have been wasted (paying the credit card companies) back into their pockets. And it will improve their credit ratings in the process. Consider this: The concept of this system is to get your members out of debt in the quickest possible time so that they can stop giving their hard-earned money to the credit card companies. They can then use the money that was previously being wasted to build their retirement nest egg. Hypothetical example: A member of your congregation has $16,000 in credit card debt Average 23% interest rates Minimum payments of $320 If he tried to get out of debt on his own it would take him more than 30 years to free himself And over $95,000 in interest payments alone! By applying just one of the strategies in this course, he would easily: Eliminate over 27 years of payments and save him over $93,000 in interest alone! More importantly, he now has that money to build his nest egg instead of the credit card companies.
 When they complete this step of the program, they will:
 Kick the bill collectors permanently out of their lives Lift a huge burden off of their shoulders Have money to invest towards their retirement nest-egg Step 2: Multiple Layers of Financial Protection In this step your members will be given information and strategies that will protect them from the financial wolves that are preying on their financial future. Not only were your members denied a financial education in High School, but also there are huge multi-national corporations who have a vested interest in keeping them in the dark about the financial facts that they can use to get financially free – forever! The Fat Cat CEOs of these corporations with their armies of lawyers and lobbyists have stacked the cards obscenely in their favor. These financial wolves are preying on your members. They are legally robbing them blind! If your members do not have effective strategies in place, they will suck your members’ bank accounts dry and cause them to retire dead broke. It would be almost impossible for them get free. This step of the program will give the layers of protection that these financial predators do not want your members to have. They will be given: An educational foundation so that they will never fall prey to these wolves again.
 Clear cut and effective strategies that keep them safe in this uncertain economy.
 A legacy of knowledge that they can pass to their children so that they will never fall prey to the financial predators that are seeking to exploit whomever they can. Here is what you must know. Any debt solution that does not restore one’s retirement to perfect health is only temporary at best. Step 3: Restore your Members’ Retirement Nest Egg to Perfect Health If your members are drowning in debt, chances are they are also dangerously behind in their retirement savings as well. It is absolutely imperative for them to get caught up before they are forced to retire because of age or medical reasons. You don’t want them to be in the tragic position that so many Americans find themselves in their retirement years. That is being forced to choose between medicine and food. Or having to work well into their golden years. In step three your members will learn: The very best types of investments for building their retirement nest egg
 Solid strategies for making up for lost time.
 How to build a bulletproof portfolio of investments ideal for retirement saving.
 They will also have a tool at their fingertips that will enable them to find investments that crank out the highest amount of reward with lowest amount of risk. For example, if your member put the $320 that was previously going to the credit card companies into a mutual fund investment that gave him/her a very average 10% return, in the same amount of time that it would have previously taken just to get out of debt, your member’s nest egg would have grown to $723,000! By using the strategies found in this course, instead of giving $95,000 dollars of his/her hard-earned money to the credit card companies, he/she would gain $723,000 in personal wealth! It does not matter if they are investing on their own or hire a financial advisor. This tool will really keep them safe because it will reveal exactly how much risk they are being exposed to. Whether they get this knowledge and tools here or somewhere else, it is vital that they have a debt reduction system in place or their struggles will only get worse over time. With the Debt Buster System, the heavy lifting has been done for them. All they have to do is follow the system. When they complete this system: They will be debt free and on a solid path to financial prosperity! Joel Gudger

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