Great START Iniative Program - Three Pillars of Sucess

Mentorship is one of the most precious gifts that we can  bestow on  young people because it allows them to leverage other people‚Äôs experiences which in turn  accelerates  their journey towards success.

The young adults in the Great Start Initiative will learn to master Vision Mapping which is one of the single most effective strategies for setting and achieving their life goals.


The Vision Mapping process will enable your members to achieve goals and dreams that they may not have believed possible in their lives!


The aim of financial empowerment is to give young adults the knowledge and tools to get a  great start in building financially healthy and secure futures.


Each member will receive a free course on financial empowerment.


Your members will be guided step by step to take advantage of an awesome opportunity that they have to use the power of time and compound interest to build their financial futures.


Your members will learn:


  • Why compound interest can be such an awesome tool, especially for young people

  • The three things they must do to harness the power of compound interest in their favor

  • The importance of avoiding revolving credit card debt

  • Prudent money management principles to keep their finances safe

  • How to select assets that go up in value over time

  • How to put together a team of assets called a portfolio

  • And much more...

The Great Start Initiative can be used as a fundraising tool that can bring in funds to help with your members college expenses as well as contribute to your ministries.

The Fundraising Tool


  • Can contribute funds to help with college expenses

  • Can be used as a tool to develop relationships with your community

  • Can be used to reach inactive members of your church

  • Can contribute to your ministries or any other project


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