We Salute An Outstanding Volunteer


Captain Joel Gudger

United Airlines



Captain Joel Gudger developed a passion early on to help others. Having a mentor made a world of difference for Gudger in his early years trying to break into a profession which wasn’t the norm for a young man growing up in Oakland, California.


Before Joel upgraded to captain, he had already started mentoring and planting seeds of success for others coming behind him. I should know, I was one of them. Gudger took me under his wing two years into my aviation career.


Gudger became part of United Airlines Mentoring Program. In the early 2000’s that program gave him a behind-the-curtain peek at what the airline was looking for and how they assessed candidates. Years later, after the program ended, Gudger started reaching out on his own to assist individuals who had interviews with regionals and majors. Two years ago Gudger decided to offer his expertise to OBAP’s Aerospace Professional Development Program (APDP) team and since then, we have seen a huge increase in the

numbers of our members landing jobs. Captain Gudger is that silent partner in the background, very quiet and rarely seen. His contribution has made a tremendous impact on the continued success of OBAP as well

as the many individuals who have gotten hired as a result of his mentorship!


Submitted by Captain Jamie Jamerson

"Joel's dedication to help others reflects greatly upon himself and his leadership abilities. The method which he use to approach all interview questions is solid and on point. It allowed me to enter my interview process with confidence. "


- James Reeves,

First Officer Delta Airlines


"I strongly believe his mentoring would definitely make a difference in the lives of the individuals he has the opportunity to work with.  Fortunately, I was offered a position with United Airlines and I can truly say that Joel Gudger played a major part in making that possible.  The relationship that we’ve created over the numerous conversations on the phone continues to this very day.  He is the same great individual today as he was when we first met and he continues to be.


I highly recommend Joel Gudger to be a mentor to the youth of today because he can and will have a positive impact on their lives."


- Charles Tai

United Airlines New Hire

"Joel Gudger has a very high level of knowledge, experience and his actual line perspective helped bring out the best in me. I can honestly say that to you, his process had the greatest impact on me getting this dream job as a Delta Airlines pilot.


I believe that Joel is exactly the kind of leader, pilot and teacher the organization had in mind when it was founded. The example he set and the way he walked his talk is indeed one other leaders should follow.

No politics, no judgment, no pretense. Only constructive criticism and guidance for the purpose of making sure I was going to be as prepared as possible, leaving nothing to chance."


- Captain Mike S Cantave

JOEL GUDGER                                    510-823-9059                                            captjg2@gmail.com